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Here and Now is my latest album, released on Pathway Records, 2016 (

James Dean (guitars); Paul Booth (saxophones); Steve Hamilton (piano); Dave Whitford (bass); Andrew Bain (drums); Simon Foster (vocals on Starting Out)

Here and Now (8:11)

Starting Out (7:11)

Song for Three (8:12)

From Spaces (7:39)

October Waltz (7:15)

You Bet (8:25)

Remembrance (7:11)

The Eleventh Hour (5:41)

On the Skyline (5:35)



Spaces5 2

James Dean (guitars); Paul Booth (saxophones); Perry White (piano); Alex Keen (bass); Simon Whiting (drums/percussion)

Spaces (31:37)




ALBUMS (available on Spotify/itunes)

I’ve recently featured on these albums. Thanks to Sam Flastic Hughes and Arcelia!

thumb_Soft Out of Seventeen_1024

Sam Flastic Hughes – Soft Out of Seventeen


(Extract from Soft Out of Seventeen, my guitar solo from 1:16.)



Sam Flastic Hughes – This Time a Bird


(Extract from the track Caught in your spell)




Arcelia – Wrap Your Bones


Extract from 45 Seconds – written by Gavin Alexander and Chris Sheehan (electric guitar swells and fills – James Dean; acoustic guitar – Gavin Alexander)
 Extract from Lovely Bones – written by Gavin Alexander (electric guitar – James Dean; acoustic guitar – Gavin Alexander)


thumb_Fat River Band_1024

 The Fat River Band – The Last Great Guitar Heist

Extract from Tom – written by Alister Atkin (electric guitar and solo – James Dean)
Extract from The Ghost of Johnny Cash – written by Matt Barwick and Jason Rose (guitar solo and fills – James Dean)


SINGLES (available on Spotify/itunes)

thumb_Westcoast Soulstars_1024 thumb_Dane Bowers_1024

Westcoast Soulstars – Show me Love (single)                                Dane Bowers – All She Needs (single)


Some original tracks recorded circa late 1990’s.

Long Way Home (7:38)

Gumbo Juice (6:11)